About Us

Author, Gayle Pruitt, has been a nutritionist/ chef since 1996. She consults with Convergent Marketing and Dr.OhhiraProbiotics.com. Gayle conducts nutritional research where she focuses on human and canine nutrition with a specialty in digestive issues and disorders. Gayle is also Assistant Editor for Nutricula Magazine.

In addition, Gayle also co-hosted a nationally syndicated radio talk show, Menu for Life Radio Show, with Dr. Ross Stewart, a behavioral psychologist and recognized expert on the link between nutrition and brain chemistry. She was the food writer for a Dallas based magazine Lifestyle Solutions, and she also appears as a guest lecturer at various conferences.

St. Martin’s Press published her cookbook, The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook: 100 Plus Healthy Easy Recipes for Dogs & Humans. The release Date was February 2013.

The second book in the series, Dog Gone Good Cuisine, was released by St. Martins Press February 2014.

Mister Casper, the Furry Gourmand 

Mister Casper was found in an alley as a young pup by a group of hooligans who immediately tossed him into a large garbage bin. Fortunately for the young Mister Casper it was the garbage bin in the back of the finest French Restaurant in all of Dallas.  That night of all nights, the restaurant, Charmante Cuisine Chien, had a huge banquet and Mister Casper was the recipient of some marvelous morsels. This glorious garbage bin episode marked the beginning of Mister Casper’s brilliant career as the “Furry Gourmand”.

Not long after Mister Casper decided he would live in the fabulous Poubelle forever and ever, a person passing by thought she heard a moaning sound coming out of the garbage bin. Wondering if the sound might be caused by an animal that was hurt, she peered inside and found Mister Casper merely groaning with gastronomic delight. That someone was Gayle Pruitt. She took Mister Casper home with her where he currently helps write food blogs and reviews, and he is now considered one of the top Canine Food Critics in the country.

Chef Mimi (Me-Me) Pruitt

Chef Mimi started from humble beginnings. Her parentage was mysterious and there was some whispered talk of a magical background. Mimi survived quite well on the streets of Dallas. As a talented, intelligent, and no nonsense canine, Mimi was determined to make something of herself. She worked hard and received a scholarship to the Canine Culinary Arts Institute in Paris, Texas where she started a restaurant. After her first year as a restaurateur she received a Three “Paw” Mitch-land plus a Rising Paw from the Spot Guide in 2007, a feat never before achieved. Chef Mimi received her Four “Paw” Mitch-land in 2008. That’s when she met Gayle Pruitt, and Mister Casper. She took Gayle under her wing and taught her as much as she was capable of learning.

Chef Mimi has been working with and mentoring Gayle for the last four years and has helped Ms. Pruitt with recipes, most notably the Dog-Gone Good Cookbook being published by St. Martin’s Press. The Cookbook is scheduled for release in February 2013.