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Red Beefy Hearts By Mister Casper

Normally I love a good thick steak very rare or maybe a well prepared Steak Tartar and wash it down with a little bottle of Bling H20. But there are times that nibbling on a delightfully cool, and delicious bite of a perfect gelatin is what is called for, especially after a long walk in the park on a typically hot steamy day in Texas.

Gayle and Chef Mimi do make a wonderful gelatin called Red Beefy Hearts. They use a special beef broth and pureed roasted red peppers with a special herb blend. They use a heart shaped cutter to make perfect little hearts. It’s really quite lovely. This is a three paw review… Picture blow:

red beefy heartssm

Roast Turkey Breast with a Millet and Cranberry Dressing

Roast Turkey Breast with a Millet and Cranberry Dressing

Canine food can now be called a proper cuisine. With Chef Mimi‘s techniques and my suggestions (I have exquisite taste), Gayle has developed some marvelous dishes. One of my favorites is roast turkey breast with millet and cranberry dressing.  She uses coconut oil and fresh sage under the turkey skin while roasting making a delicious juicy Turkey. The jeweled look of the cranberries in the millet dressing set off this luscious dish.


Roast Turkey Breast with cranberry millet dressingsm